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Overtone is an open source audio environment being created to explore musical ideas from synthesis and sampling to instrument building, live-coding and collaborative jamming. We use the SuperCollider synth server as the audio engine, with Clojure (and Java) being used to develop the APIs and the application. Synthesizers, effects, analyzers and musical generators can be programmed in Clojure or designed in a visual data flow editor similar to PureData or Max/MSP. The environment will be integrated with a peer-to-peer network that allows for collaborative composition and jam sessions over the internet and sharing of instruments and effects.

Checkout the roadmap for more information about what we’re up to, and join the Overtone Google group if you want to get involved in the project.

Cross Platform

Overtone runs on Linux, OSX, and Windows. You just need to have SuperCollider and Java installed to run it (plus the jack audio server in Linux).


We’ve got big ideas for Project Overtone, and we can use all the help we can get. Get in touch and start a conversation if you are interested in joining in.


You can clone the project with Git by running:

 $ git clone git://

You can also download the source package in a zip file.